Aims of the Dohad society

About the Society

The International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease was set up to promote research into the fetal and developmental origins of disease and involves scientists from many backgrounds.


Aims of the DOHaD Society


   1. To promote co–ordination of a research strategy in different countries, for the scientific exploration of early human development in relation to chronic disease in later life

   2. To promote the development and application of public health strategies to prevent chronic disease

   3. To advocate for the need for funds from governmental and non–governmental sources for research in the developmental origins of health and disease

   4. To champion training opportunities for scientists and clinicians

   5. To foster regular meetings to discuss research findings and potential intervention

   6. To promote the interchange of ideas, staff and expertise between laboratories across the world

   7. To make representations to government, NGOs and other relevant agencies concerning the health implications of DOHaD


      Registered Charity Number 1116722

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